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Sender JMS Adapter - NOT Working

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Hello Everybody - We are on SP13, also installed JMS Driver files on the system. We are running, Central Adapter Engine.

We configured the Sender JMS Adapter for WBI MQ->XI->SAP scenario. We need to JMS Adapter to be configured to connect to WBI from XI. Everything looks great in configuration but in the Adpater Monitoring, JMS Adapter is with Error Status and Message says "Sender channel. Details: (No detail information set.)".

Does anybody has any idea about this error ?

I checked SAP Help link as well on this. Based on this link Do we need to configure this JMS Adapter somewhere on teh server as well ? If yes, then where ? Pls respond if you have any clue about it.

Thanks in anticipation...

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Hi Amrish

Did you follow the how-to guide available at SAP Marketplace to deploy the JMS Adapter. If so, i believe the information given in that guide is incomplete.

Once you have installed the JMS Driver, you must deploy the Java libraries on the J2EE server so that the JMS adapter can access the required Java classes at runtime.

If you use MQSeries, you must enter the following JAR files in aii_af_jmsproviderlib.sda.

connector.jar (use the JAR file from the J2EE client directory)

hope this helps,



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Hello Sameer - I have installed these 4 JMS driver files on our system. Well, I will re-do this again.

Is there any exact place I can get these files ?

You mentioned, after intstalling these 4 JMS driver files I need to deploy the JAVA library to the J2EE server. Where do I get the Java Library from & How do I deploy this ? Any step by step procedure you are aware of ?

Your reply will be a greta help to me. Thanks.


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Any help in deploying the Java Libraries to J2EE server ?

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Hi Amrish

"Where do I get the Java Library from "

The required Java libraries are product-specific and can be obtained from either the product vendor or other providers.

And i guess the 4 jar files shd suffice. Just remember to add these 4 jar files to 'provider.xml' file inbetween the <jars>..</jars> tag.

Follow the instructions as per the guide,

But just remember to have all the 4 jar files in aii_af_jmsproviderlib.sda



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> Does anybody has any idea about this error?

Post the parameters here to have a look.

> Do we need to configure this JMS Adapter somewhere on teh server as well?



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Hello Stefan - Thanks for response.

Here are the Parameters.......

Adapter Type: JMS

Sender Type Clicked

Transport protocol:WebSphereMQ (non-JMS)

Message protocol:JMS 1.x

Adapter Engine:Integration Server

Queue ConnectionFactory Java

Queue Java

IP Address or Server Name:

Server Port:1414

Queue Manager Name:WBIDEV



Transport/Network Protocol:TCP/IP


Transactional JMS Session:Check box Set


JMS Queue Password:********

Set XI message ID(MessageID) to:GUID(recommended value)

Set XI cenversation ID(conversationID) to:No value

Mapping of Message:Message Payload=JMS Payload

Quality of Service:Exactly Once

Time Period for duplicate check for EO(IO)(secs):86400

Wait After Message Error(msecs):1000

Wait before Reconnect(msecs):1000


The Error Message I see in the Adapter Monitor is "Sender Channel. Details: (No detail information set.)

Pls advice If I am missing anything ?



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Hi Amrish,

your configuration seems to be fine. However i had similar problems when using MQSeries. This errors just came without any details, so it was hardly possible to tell, what was the problem and when i restarted the service SAP XI Adapter: JMS in VisualAdministrator they were gone. So i would advise to first take a look at the logs in Visual Admin or logviewer and if you can't find anything there, try with a restart of the SAP XI Adapter: JMS Service.

Best regards