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Send to SAP Authorization Error

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Hi Gurus!

We are using SAP Solution Manager for incident management becuause of being VAR Partner.

Our customers open their message via Solution Manager and We are checking, approving or sending to sap this messages from CRMD_ORDER or AGS WORKCENTER.

I can set some customer's message as Send to SAP but for our 2 customers I can't send them to SAP and getting error "You do not have authorization to Send or Compare a notification".

I have lot's of role exclude SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW profile and can send to sap for other customers. I think it depends on Business Partner but I have little knowledge  about BP.

Can you please help us!

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Service Desk - Errors on Message Sent to SAP - Diagnostics

Check that to find the root cause of the problem tutku 😉

  1. the user that has create the message/operation is not maintained on AISUSER table
  2. the sap customer number that send the message is not really a customer from your VAR, check with sap contracts department
  3. check RFC SAPOSS connection
  4. the user is not update as BUP003 con BP
  5. the maintenance agreement of the customer is not up-to-date with SAP
  6. chec autorizations on sap marketplace
  7. the system for that message has been creates is not on marketplace or product is not installation relevant like AFARIA or SyBase




Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Thank's to everyone. Everyone's reply is correct.

My problem was I hadn't record in AISUSER table for the first person that creates a message.

I Added like that for the first person that creates the message:

R3 Nane  | Customer Number | Suser

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Hi, do those two S-users have authorization on SAP marketplace ( to sent messages? Check their authorizations  there, menu path is: Data Administration->User data->Search and maintain users->click S-user and go to Authorizations tab.

Regards.  George

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Hello Tutku,

Use trace (tcode ST01) and check auth. errors for user which try to send SAP solutions.

Also try  tcode AISUSER and check if your user has assigned proper s-user number to Client number.