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Send mail to a specific user group when an Inbound Idoc processing fails

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I am using standard Message type DEBMAS, but the process code is customed (say ZDEBM as the function module is customed). Can you tell me what configurations are required to activate the error notification message to a user when the inbound idoc fails?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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i think u need to check tcode swu3 for automatic workflow customizing and check in we40 (error AND STATUS PROCESSING) whether the processing code is assigned to the workflow task.

if it is assigned,the workflow will be automatically triggered and the mail will be sent to the user by itself.

ALE error handling uses workflow. A standard task is provided for each message type. Task TS20000051 is used for all BAPIs.

Workflow functions as follows:

A task (work item) is generated for the error handling and stored as a message in the inboxes of the employees responsible.

If one of these employees processes the work item, the standard task method for error handling is started. The user can, for example, restart IDoc processing.

If the IDoc is processed successfully, the work item is deleted from the inboxes of all the employees involved.

For this procedure to function, the employees responsible for a particular message type and partner (sender or receiver) must be defined as follows:

1. A hierarchy of organizational units (for example, "sales office") and positions (for example, "customer officer for customer X") is created and employees are assigned to it.

2. The standard tasks for error handling (for example, an error related to an inbound sales order) are assigned to the relevant organizational units or positions (for example, "sales office").

3. The organizational unit, position or employee responsible for dealing with the error are specified for each partner and message type in the partner profiles.

If an error occurs, the system determines:

1. The employees responsible using the staffing schedule of the organizational unit or position linked to the standard task.

2. The employees defined in the partner profiles (using position, user ID, or organizational unit).

3. The employees appearing in both groups represent those who will receive a work item in their inboxes.


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