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Send email & print PO simultaneously in me22n

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Hi all,

When I select output NEU and select medium PRINT OUTPUT I can print my

purchase order on my local printer. When I select medium EXTERNAL SEND

I send purchasing document by e-mail. This works fine but can I print and send purchase order at the same time, simultaneously to printer and to e-mail? Do I need to create one output (type NEU) to achieve this or I must create two outputs (type NEU)? Is it possible to achieve this with one output?



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You will have to create two output types & assign both of them.

If it doesnt work, then you can build the logic of sending email in the User Exit of ME22N.

Best regards,


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Hi Prashant,

Thanks for replay.

OK. I create two outputs types in ME22N:

1. Output type: NEU; Medium: External send; PartFunct.: VN; Partner: 100131; Language: HR

2. Output type: NEU; Medium: Print output; PartFunct.: VN; Partner: 100131; Language: HR

When I created output 1. everything is OK, but after that when I create output 2 (wont to process both outputs at the same time) system generate error message:

Output NEU already exists for partner 100131

Message no. VN 005


You have entered output which has not been processed twice.


Cancel the entry by overtyping it with a blank.

Only way that system allow this two outputs is to set different PartFunct but I would like to have same PartFunct in both outputs. Is this possible?