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Send Data out of BW

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I want to use openhub to send data out BW. But my question is how do I recieve a request in BW saying that I want this fields from BW?

Secondly, other than open hub what all options do we have to send data out of BW?

Also, Can we push data out of source system to BW? I dont want to pull data from source system.

Please help me out with my questions.

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (4)

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Hi Shylaja,

Can u please tell me the Pros and Cons of using PUll and PUSH from the Source system to BW.

Thanks a lot.


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Push data out into BW means that data is sent to BW as soon as it arrives(<b>Synchronously</b>) in Source system(R/3).

Pull data from source system means when ever a request is received by the source system, it sends the data from the source system.(<b>Asynchronous/Rquires Scheduling</b>).

Hope its clear.


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Thanks a lot AHP for a quick response. Can ypu please provide some more information like:

What are the implication when u push data from Source system to BW compare to Pull data from the source system.

Your reply wouldbe highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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take a look sap help open hub doc

the other ways

1. program rscrm_bapi

2. abap




3. olap bapi

4. odbo - vb/.net/c sharp

'connecting to sap bw using vb and ado md'

'connecting to sap bw with excel and odbo'


'sap .net connector' (seems old version)

.net connector

'Access SAP BW ODS BAPI Using C-Sharp and SAP .NET Connector 2.0' doc can be download here

hope this helps.