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Send data from ECC to CPI using SOAP for synchronous scenario

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Hello Experts,

I have a scenario where multiple SAP and non-SAP system will be sending data to a 3rd party system.

As a solution, I'm trying to use SOAP on the sender side and HTTP on the receiver side.

I manually created the WSDL using NWDS (as suggested here)

The interface works fine when tested through POSTMAN or SoapUI.

Now I'm trying to create a consumer proxy in ABAP using the same WSDL. The WSDL generated the consumer proxy class with proper input/output structures. But I'm facing problem while configuring the Web Service using SOAMANAGER.

I tried the WSDL based configuration but that failed with following error:

For this error, SAP suggested manual configuration in note 2033184, I tried that too and here are the step by step screenshots...

But the final ping test resulted in similar error..

The Basis team bounced the ICM but that didn't help.

I'm reaching out to you all to understand what I'm missing. Please suggest if there is a better way to create this synchronous scenario in CPI that can cater to both ECC and non-ECC systems. I'd like to avoid creating separate iFlows, one for ECC and another for non-ECC.

Thank you so much for your time!!


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Did you find any answers to this issue?

I liked the question; while not knowing the answer I put my thoughts in this post:


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