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Send Asynchrnous Message from SAP OnPremise to 3rd party system using SAP CPI


Hi all,

I have recently started working in SAP CPI. I am working a scenario where SAP OnPremise system has to notify 3rd party systems about the Business Partner Updates (BP update notification). This has to be asynchrnous and we publish the BP updates in the notification message.

How can we achieve this without using IDOC. All these days we were sending synchrnous messages using Gateway services to CPI.

Thanks and Regards,


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IDoc aside which is a perfectly functional option with ALE, you could make use of event mesh with a webhook, or event mesh with custom events (to read the data) and transmit it to a third party.
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Hi Pallavi,

Leveraging SAP Integration Suite's "Event Mesh" + "Cloud Integration" capabilities together with the standard S/4HANA events for Business Partner "changed" you can use a Publish-Subscribe pattern to get all BP changes and then retrieve the data for the BP using the standard Business Partner OData API.

Your architecture will be as follows:

S/4HANA -- > BTP Event Mesh --> BTP Cloud Integration --> S/4HANA OData API --> BTP Cloud Integration --> Third-Party System

Here is the documentation you might need:

Enable Events in S/4HANA

Business Partner Event S/4HANA

Configure Connectivity from S/4HANA OP to BTP Event Mesh

Here is another blog that might help you with all the tasks.

Note: If you don't need to update the 3rd-party system with the BP data and only inform of a change on a particular BP, then that can be handled directly from BTP Event Mesh.

Best regards,

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Thanks very much for this. Apologies I didn't mention this in my original question. We are currently using SAP CRM onPrem to manage BP data.
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I was exploring option for Adding Netweaver addon for event enablement and event mesh to publich event from SAP CRM to SAP event mesh. I need to get in touch with our Basis team to discuss this approach. Please let me know if there is any other better approach to do the same. Thanks