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Send an ALV to a SPOOL without any popup or user action.

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Hi again gurus,

I need to send an ALV (GRID DISPLAY) to a SPOOL in order to keep it there.

I'm using IS_PRINT params in the calling to REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY; but it doesn't work beacuse a popup for print selection always appears.

I'm filling IS_PRINT structure in that way:

w_print-print = 'X'.

w_print-prnt_info = 'X'.

w_print-no_print_selinfos = 'X'.

w_print-no_print_listinfos = 'X'.

w_print-no_coverpage = 'X'.

w_print-reserve_lines = 0.

w_print-print_ctrl-pri_params-pdest = 'NOPR'.

w_print-print_ctrl-pri_params-prcop = 1.

w_print-print_ctrl-pri_params-primm = 'X'.

w_print-print_ctrl-pri_params-prnew = 'X'.

w_print-print_ctrl-pri_params-prbig = space.

w_print-print_ctrl-pri_params-prsap = space.

After that, when the popup appears; it is clear, instead of being filled with parameters I selected in the code, such as device name (NOPR); and I have to fill manually all print fields.

Some ideas? I need to print directly to a Spool, without any popup or window.

I am working in SAP ECC 6.0.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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Solved by my-self

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Using ALV LIST insted of GRID and giving 'X' value to sy-batch before the FM call works!