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Semaphore 16 and ADOPCODE-3

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Dear all

It happens from time to time that the workprocesses in SM50 all seem to go in Semaphore 16 and Action ADOPCODE-3

I have no idea what causes this, it disappears after some seconds.

But it is quite frightning seeing all the WPs lock up

Any ideas ?

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Answers (2)

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Thanks Sally

Our values for table buffer are :


Generic key 99,99 878.906 87.344 10,59 240.000 17.918 7,47 47 2.974.240

Single record 99,79 140.000 28.102 20,15 2.000 1.634 81,70 0 2.654.156

Should I increase the Generic Key Directory entries, since this one has only 7,47% free directory ?

Or do you recommedn to switch-off the automatic suppression ?

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Hallo Jo,

This indicates a reorganisation of the table buffer. You may want to look at note 1311156 and also to check the buffer quality in ST02.

All the best,

Sally Power

For SAP on IBM i