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Selective deletion from DSO through process chain

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Hello Experts,

I need to delete some specific data based on company code daily after load to a DSO.

I need to do it through process chain.

checked the forum before posting and I found a function module RSDRD_SEL_DELETION and a program RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS for deleting data in the cubes. The problem I am facing here is, I am not able to understand what parameters needs to be passed or how can I use a variable while executing this programs.

Is there any other way to do this ??

Please help.



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If you want a generic program select the below selections will create ZPROGRAM in SE38 for target KC_ADSO34 ADSO.

If you use other radio buttons program will be created with fixed deletions values which you enter upon the execution of the program : RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS



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Hi Ipsita,

you can follow these screens:

1) Select the target DSO, where the data has to be deleted
2) Generate a selection program (a deletion program)
3) Type a custom name for the new program to generated
4) Execute

So now you can reach the new program by using SA38/SE38/SE80 ...

If you see your new screen you can input your selection like the Company Code and save it by pressing the disk as a new variant.

Finally you can take this program and the new variant into a process chain and schedule it whenever you need to.

Your new process chain:

The setting within the Step:

Good luck,

Yavuz Yildiz