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Selection Criteria

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I have 600 ID's in an Excel file, I need to run these ID's against 2 different fields within 1 table.  Table X has an OPEN_ID and a CLOSED_ID, I want to find out if any of these 600 either opened or closed a record.  I can link the list to 1 field under Database Expert but if there were a way to use the Selection Expert I could use an or statement for both fields.  Any ideas?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You would have to do LEFT joins from TableX to your Excel file twice.  When you try to add a table to a report that is already in a report, Crystal will warn you that the table is already there and ask if you want to alias it.  It will then add it to the report with "_1" at the end of the name.

In your selection criteria, you'll then put something like this:

(not IsNull({Excel.IDField}) or not IsNull({Excel_1.IDField}))

I haven't tried this technique with Excel files as data sources, but I know that it works with tables.  You may have to roll things around and link from the Excel file to the table twice if it doesn't work from the table to Excel twice.


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