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selecting more than one dataSource in pdf properties

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Is it possible to use more than one model node as a dataSource for an interactive form?

In my Context tree for one of my views, I have two model nodes each representing a different BAPI. I would like to be able to access variables from both BAPI's in my data view when editing the interactive form. Is this possible? I tried selecting the root "Context" but this doesn't seem to work. Either model node can be selected independantly without a problem. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!!


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Answers (3)

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Hi Matthew,

Its not possible for Adobe forms. You can't assign two nodes in Datasource property. But, You can make one Model or value node and then, include all other model or value nodes in this. And then you can use this one node.



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Hi Mathew,

you can create one model node and inside that you can create two model nodes corresponding to yourtwo BAPI Models. Basically you cant map two nodes with one Adobe Form. So this way you can map the Parent Model Node to the dataSource property of your PDF Form and inside this node you can access botht the Model Nodes.

Hope this helps!!!


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For my knowledge you can not assign two datasources to the same UIElement.

May be you can transfer the data to valueNodes to display and do your businesslogic and on submit you can transfer the data back to RFC !!!

I never worked with Adobe forms.. This is just my advice

Regards, Anilkumar