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Select Files for Automatic Storage in the DTR

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Files are stored in the DTR or created new if necessary. This depends on the file type and the development scenario. In scenario 1, storage of two file types is required, which are newly created for the component-based development (scenario 2) and, therefore, are by default excluded from the storage. This is the reason why you must change the selection.


1. Start the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

2. Choose Window ® Preferences ® Team ® Ignored Resources

A list of file types appears. By default, all types are selected, which means that they are not automatically added to activities and stored in the DTR.

3. Uncheck the following file types:

a. .project

b. .classpath

When creating projects, the unchecked file types are added to activities to be stored in the DTR

Some one throws more light on this will be helpfull!

why in Scenario-1 unchecking the .project and .classpath but in Scenario-2 checking them.



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That's because from Scenario 2 NWDS generates those two files automatically when you click "Create Project..." from the context menu of a DC, thus they need not be checked-in to the DTR. Scenario 1 is basically just storing files in a versioning system, without any integration/knowledge about the development objects.