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Seeburger Adapter issue

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when we try to upload multiple file into destination server. We are receiving a error as handshake failure.

We are working on HA clustered enviornment.

The error is basically happen, when muti-session pull and push on the

destination server, the server will reject the connection.

We tried in Dev, single node server architecture, which works fine for

muti-file transaction,but getting error traffic for muti-file failed for QA environment.

I assume it is the crusting server setup in QA that cause the problem. So

do you have any idea of how to disable cluster nodes only for seeburger FTP




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Are you using a Resource (see FTP manual and SEEBURGER workbench -> Resource management) ? Using a resource with only 1 channel will avoid concurrent access to a single-access ftp account!

What exactly the error you are receiving ? And what server are you trying to connect to ?

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Hello Frederic,

I also have a similar issue.

I have two communication channels configured: one communication channel which is a VAN sender and one communication channel is a VAN receiver (both are FTP adapters from Seeburger). From the configuration guide of the Seeburger FTP/VAN adapter, I understand that IE/FTP interfaces only allows for a single connection for a single mailbox. The documentation refers the users to the "Seeburger Master Installation Guide" but I can't find any relevant details there.

My XI environment has two server nodes used to connect to the VAN. Consequently, I ran into problems with "duplication session" errors. I am currently experimenting with Resource Management available from the Seeburger Workbench, in particular, setting up resources and assignments to ensure that only one session is connected to the VAN at any one time. However, I am struggling with how the resource should be created/configured (logical/logical choice, # of channels (total), # of channels (incoming)) and how they should be assigned. Please advise on what is the proper setup in the context of my environment.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Henry Lim