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Seeburger Adapter - attachment handling

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we have a supplier who sends us the edi files over X.400 with more than one EDI-Attachment.

In the standard configuration of the X400P7-Adapter you can choose if you get the documents as MainDocument or as Attachment, but only one attachment.

How is it possible to configure classifier- and bic-module for working more than one attachment?

You can only set the attachment-name in destSourceMsg but is it possible to set more than one attachment there?

I hope somebody can help me.



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Please check if this info helps..

If ur received X.400 message has more than one attachments:

1.then Payload mode must be set to MainDocument : The first attachment of the physical X.400 message will be added as MainDocument, the remaining attachments are added as attachments sampleAlias#0001 to sampleAlias#003 (say for n=4)

2.Payload mode is set to Attachment : the attachments are named sampleAlias#0001 to sampleAlias#003 (for n=4)

3.If the channel property “Attachment Alias” is left empty, the string attachment is used as default alias for the attachments.