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See Burger Error in BICMODULE-module:Adapter call failed. Reason: null

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Hello All,

Scenario IDOC to File using Seeburger BIC problems in in my receiver adapter when converting from XML to EDI.

Error is:

"Message processing failed. Cause: Error in BICMODULE-module:Adapter call failed. Reason: null"

The Seeburger modules used in my receiver adapter:

1 localejbs/CallBicXIRaBean Local Enterprise Bean BIC_MT

2 localejbs/CallBicXIRaBean Local Enterprise Bean BIC

3 localejbs/Seeburger/FileStore Local Enterprise Bean ARCHIVE_EDI

4 CallSapAdapter Local Enterprise Bean 0

with following module configurations

BIC destDelimiter @

BIC destSourceMsg source

BIC destTargetMsg MainDocument

BIC dynamicConfiguration true

BIC newLine true

BIC useAttribIfSet true

BIC_MT PartnerLookup on

BIC_MT destSourceMsg MainDocument

BIC_MT destTargetMsg MainDocument1

BIC_MT mappingName XML_Generic_ANSI_X12_to_DB_MT_OUT

BIC_MT saveSourceMsg source

Can some one tell me why there is an Error and what additional module configurations it requires .

Thank you,

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If possible go to mapping in BIC designer Tool and execute the same by passing your payload there...

if you encounter any errors then there might be a problem with mapping developed...or can be payload..

Also check the parameter used for destSourceMsg source that the source message which contains the payload ?