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Section Header should appear in every page with calculation of sum

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Hi Friends,

I have A,B,C,D Sections,(defined on empno and sal) whenever section name is changing it should appear in new page for that i applied start on a new page and repeat on every new page for each section.

At End of every page i have to calculate the sum of sal in all the secitons with respect to A,B,C,D.

For that i have calculated sum(sal) and i am placing in each section .sum is coming correctly but this is not showing in every page,ex C is appearing after completion of the current value only.

Please guide me.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Following solution might be helpful for resolving the issue.

Display the Report Title or a section on every page.

Using the Java applet:

1. Select the Page Header or Section to be repeated.

2. Select the Properties tab on the left panel.

3. Expand the Position item.

4. Select the Repeat on Every Page Yes box.


Sarbhjeet Kaur

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