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Secondary window in main window: Smartforms

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Hi all,

Is it possible to have secondary windows in a main window while working with smartforms? Even when I create a window inside the mainwindow it is treated separately, which doesn't come under the main body.

My requirement is to have a header main body and a footer, for this I can create a table in the main window but I want the header and the main body separtely, which is not possible when a table is used.

The header and the main body have to be in a nested loop, i.e. something like loop at vbak (for header) and loop at vbap (for main body).

Is this possible?

Thanks and Regards,


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In page node you can create number of secondary windows. But in form there is only one Main window.

By right click on page you can create windows or Go to Edit, Node, Create.

After creating the window right click on window create table for displaying the data that

you are passing through internal table.



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Hi Pavan,

That is fine, I understand that One page can have windows as many as 99, but in my requirement, can a main window have secondary window?

Normally if i create another window, say W1, this will be treated as a separate entity when compared to the mainwindow. But I want this W1 to be a node under the main window. Now is this possible?


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It is not possible to create a window within another window. Is there a particular reason why you cannot use the header and footer functionality of the table node?