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Search & index problem! (A setting missing I think!)

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Hi All

I have created a file system repository to display the content of our HR policy documents. I have then created an index to search and classify the documents and I have moved them into there area in the Taxonomy structue. However when I search I seem to get the results from more than one index and I have no idea why?

Can anyone help

Thanks Phil

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Phil

In order to limit a Search iView to a specific index(es), create a Search Options set and assign it to your iView.

To create a Search Options Set, go to System Administration > System Configuration > Knowledge Management > Content Management > User Interface > Search (advanced options) > Search Options Set. The parameter to pay attention to in a Search Options Set for this specific purpose is the Search Index IDs (or Index Groups, depending on how you want to limit the search).

Then, to assign the new Search Options Set to your Search iView, open the iView for editing in the Portal Content Directory, and enter the name of your Search Options Set in the corresponding iView parameter.

Hope this helps!



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