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I need to create a matchcode for the field kunnr whose search help is DEBI.

1. In the transaction FBL5N (Customer Line Item Display) include a new match code ‘ Active Account with Balance’.

2. The search parameters will be similar to match code ‘’ Customers(By Company Code) / Customers per sales group.

3. When the search is made by entering the name in the name field , the program logic would be as:

a. The table KNB1 will be used to search the customer based on company code.

a. The list of customers obtained will be queried in the table KNA1(General Data in Customer Master) to get the list of customers with name 1, postal code , city etc.

b. This list of corresponding customers is queried in the Table BSID (Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers) to check if the customers have an open item.

c. If there is an open item for any customers then they are considered as Active customers.

d. Display only the list of active customers for the name search with the details ‘Name1, city, Postal code, Customer No. , company Code etc.

My query is in the view which i am gonna create, what would be the join condition for the above logic.

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Is this related to BSP? Are you needing help creating the SQL statement for the logic you described? I guess I'm not sure what you are asking for and how it is related to BSP.