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Search for Idocs in XI

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in our scenario we have idocs being posted from xi to crm.

But the idoc numbers are different in xi and crm.

Is there any way to:

Search for a particular idoc in crm and its corresponding idoc in xi.

i mean suppose 123xxx is an idoc in crm that was posted from xi then corresponding idoc of 123xxx in XI .

Thanks in Advance.

Helpful answers would be rewarded.



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Hi Juvvadi,

i will explain the process which i use for searching XI IDOC number for R3 IDOC number.

In R3 system,go to EDIDS DB table,restrict selection with IDOC number(CRM) and status 50 and get TID.

In XI,execute Tcode-IDX5, give TID and Created On Date,Execute.Extended Functionality(****F1),Select all then IDOC Tracking(ShiftF4). Then it gives XI IDOC number and related CRM IDOC number.