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Search for a program that finds the associated Query for an InfoCube

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Hi experts,

I work with SAP Netweaver BI 7.0 and I search for an ABAP program where I can enter the name of an InfoCube(not MultiCube) and the program shows me the Name of the associated Query.

The transaction in SAP BI that works directly opposed is RSRTQ. With this transaction, you can enter the name of a query and you will get the filtered infocubes.

I hope that someone can help me.

Thanks, Jens

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Well, it must be possible somehow.

the transaction RSRTQ lists the Filter / Characteristic Restrictions / Selection / 0INFOPROV, the program behind it is RSRQ_QUERYDEFINITION. we tryed to debug it but gave up on it at some point, cause we still had other things to do too 😛

there must be a table where we can find the query elelments and the filter selection on 0infoprov. so far we couldn'T find it, but it's hard to belive that we are the only ppl who would like to know which infocubes are used in which querys without checking every single query. seems to offers something like that, but duh. i don'T think they will tell us how they did it.

we know which multiprov is below a query, we know which cubes belong to the multi, we know which queryelements belong to the query, but we can't find the selection/filter info, which belongs to the query elements. if we knew that one, it would be easy to write a simple program, we would share it here too, but right now... nfi.

any ideas?


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Hi Jens,

As pointed out above you can indeed use the RS* tables to find your queries (and a lot more, I like these tables ), but of course sometimes a 'real program' is also nice. See the following document for an example:


Good luck!

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You don't need any program for that, simply use RSRREPDIR table to find the queries based on particular Infoprovider (Infocube, multiprovider, DSO etc. ). You will get queries only if they are directly build on top of Infocube or DSO.

For gettting the query description you can use table RSZELTTXT and use the query GUID from earlier table.



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Hi Jens,

Try checking the table RSRREPDIR to find the Directory of all reports (Query GENUNIID) .

To get all queries of a cube.filter by: OBJVERS = 'A', INFOCUBE= Cubename. Using this you will get the query technical name under the field " Query".

In case if you want to find out the description or Text related toa query then you can go to SE16 / ZSE16 -> table name "RSZELTTXT", enter the ID (Fieldname = COMPUID from table RSRREPDIR) , Execute. You will get the query description or text for the query.

Check the below link for more imporatant useful tables related to queries & workbooks:,WorkBooksandWebTemplates