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Search criteria in FPM_SEARCH_UIBB

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I have in my search result three new columns and wanna add those to my Search criteria.

The only way as far as I get is to add them as Columns of Result List, which generates a result table of the three new columns.

But I don't wanna have them as result, I wanna have them as search criteria.

Hope someone can help on how to do this!?

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Hello Alexander,

If the structure is same in both feeder classes of search criteria and search result, go to the search result list uibb schema, delete those new columns.

Now come back to the search criteria schema add those new columns to the search criteria using the "Search Criteria" button.

If you want to view all fields in search criteria change the value of "number of search rows on open" in general settings.

Hope this will helps you.



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Hi Nagendra!

Thx, for your reply.

Unfortunately, this won't help since the problem that we have is to add searchcriteria to the repository in the left side bar.

Basically, we are aware on how to add available search criteria to the Scheme-UIBB, but the problem is that we have added three columns in the resultlist and can't find a way to add them in the searchcriteria.

Probably, you or someone has any hint on how to do this!?



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Hi Alex,

I don't really get what exactly the problem is. To add new search criteria, you have to define them in method GET_DEFINITION in the feeder class for the search UIBB. To add new search criteria you have to add the fields to the field catalog EO_FIELD_CATALOG_ATTR. If you want to add new columns for the result list you have to add the fields to the field catalog EO_FIELD_CATALOG_RESULT.

Additionally you have to add them via FLUID or GET_DEFAULT_CONFIG method.

Best regards,