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SE80 DataModeler/Consu... vs. SEGW

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I am still trying to get the BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICES_* as NW GW service. What I cannot figure out is how to start this correctly because there is the SE80 DataModeler/cons... and the T-Code SEGW. Additionally I can now use the SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator.

The "older" tutorials show how to use SE80. There is one with the connection to Microsoft Sharepoint that is using the segw. Now comes the NW GW PA.

But how should I start with the consumption of the BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICES_*?

Thanks for pushing me in the right direction,


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Paul is right. SEGW (Service Builder) is the way to go. SE80 is the old tool.

Once you have a BAPI, you can use it to define the data model.

Next use the BAPI and map/set the data source. (right click on create/read method inside Service Implementation folder)



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Hi Vanessa,

Although this is not a push I would suggest using the newer SEGW, even though a lot of the documentation still does show SE80 (And I still use this sometimes as it is what I am comfortable with).

SEGW has some helpful benefits like creating Projects, using the Gateway Client (Testing your services) and is intended to be a "One Stop Shop" for Gateway services.

I am currently unable to find a reference to a SEGW Guide which references SEGW (Just the older SE80 ones), but when I do - I will post a link here.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Paul,

I have only been creating services within SE80. Did you ever find a good SEGW guide? Trying to evaluate if I should switch to that. Thanks!


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Hi Brian,

you can refer SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder - SAP NetWeaver Gateway Foundation (SAP_GWFND) - SAP Library

also I wrote blog on creating OData service using SEGW. you can refer