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Did you mean: (Send process) down and not starting

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Hi experts,

The send process i.e process for forwarding messages from instance to central log is down.

When i try to start using force '-F' option it doesn't start due to

Command: se.sapPXP_DVEBMGS10 -F pf=/usr/sap/PXP/SYS/profile/PXP_DVEBMGS10_pxpci

rslgsmcc(71).rslgsm1_write_pid_file.kill(,0) for rslgsend(962774): Not owner

I even tried this....but it is not working

pxpci:pxpadm 6> pwd


pxpci:pxpadm 7> nohup ./se.sapPXP_DVEBMGS10 -F pf=/usr/sap/PXP/SYS/profile/PXP_DVEBMGS10_pxpci &

[1] 3551476

pxpci:pxpadm 8> Sending output to nohup.out

nohup: ./se.sap_: No such file or directory

[1] Exit 127 nohup ./se.sap_ -F pf=/usr/sap/PXP/SYS/profile/PXP_DVEBMGS10_pxpci

Now i checked the PID 962774....its an aioserver process

nllpsv3424:sapmgr> ps 962774


962774 - A 0:01 aioserver

Now whats the meaning of this line

*rslgsmcc(71).rslgsm1_write_pid_file.kill(,0) for rslgsend(962774): Not owner

is it that the port is occupied by the PID 962774??

How to start it??

Kindly suggest



Edited by: Ameya Joshi on Apr 20, 2009 8:11 PM

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Answers (3)

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Hi Ameya,

I have encountered same issue. did you able to solve it?


Aiman Alimi

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Hi  ,

Remove rslgsend in work directory and try to start SAP and check if se process runs fine.


Manas Behra

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nohup se.sapPXP_DVEBMGS10  -F    pf=/usr/sap/PXP/SYS/profile/PXP_DVEBMGS10_pxpci &

try this it should work ..........

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Hi Ameya,


The send process "se" must have started with the ABAP start itself. This process my run as "sidadm" user.

Kindly check if the se process is defined in the START profile. Also check the permission and ownership of kernel file "rslgsend" .

In START profile it must be as below.


Execute_08 = local rm -f $(_SE)

Execute_09 = local ln -s -f $(DIR_EXECUTABLE)/rslgsend $(_SE)

Start_Program_03 = local $(_SE) pf=$(_PF) -F



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Thanks Karthik

The owner is SIDadm

pxpci:pxpadm 69> ls -l rslgsend

-rwxr-xr-x 1 pxpadm sapsys 667535 Aug 17 2008 rslgsend

Also the process is defined in the start profile

Well the startsap.log showed this information

(3293198) Starting: local se.sapPXP_DVEBMGS10 -F pf=/usr/sap/PXP/SYS/profile/PXP_DVEBMGS10_pxpci

(3358810) Waiting for Child Processes to terminate.

*(3358810) **** 2009/04/19 06:59:39 Child 3293198 terminated with Status 2 . *****

*(3293198) **** 2009/04/19 06:59:39 No RestartProgram command for program 4 *****

Instance on host pxpci started

Maybe this could help

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Hi, has to be started automatically with the system it selfm, manual starting is not recommanded.

it seems more than one processes are running in your system.

any wayz restart of the system will helps you... but i am not sure abt your system down time.

i have faced the similar problem with logs update due to not running.

we have resolved the issue with restart of the system.i belive one of the OSS note also talks abt the restart. any wayz find the below link.

and please find the below notes.

119827 Trace information rslgsend/rslgcoll

40003 rslgsend(002): Address already in use

725759 RSLGSEND terminated automatically

841986 iSeries: SM21: Central syslog cannot be read

6760 'rslgsend' dies with errno=32 "broken pipe"

121312 Central syslog is not written

6835 SysLog message: rslgsend(27) Error 22 invalid etc...

Hope the above information will helps.