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SDN Access slow.

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Hi Moderator,

I am trying to access the sdn network thru my

broad band connection, seems to be slow.

just want to indicate to you that, all the

link references are provided on https instead

of http.

Thought it would be great if this was allowed over



an an

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Answers (2)

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Hello an an,

Are you experiencing performance problems across the whole site or only specific areas of the site?

Also, we moved to HTTPS from HTTP for security reasons and the indication I'm getting is that it's unlikely we'll activate HTTP again.

Kind Regards,


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Hi An An,

Thanks for your feedback. I haven't heard of performance problems in a long while. I forwarded it to our platform team. You can do too, next time the system seems to be sluggish send an email to

Hope it is better already, Mark.

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Hi Folks,

Actually, from my broadband connection it is performing quite well. Sometimes, there can be a "clog" somewhere in the chain outside of our control. A good way to verify this is to download one of the many free tools that will to "tracehop". I use the Query Application by Leeos Software. It will perform the hop trace and show me which server gateway is taking the most time to pass the requests.

Best Regards,