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SDM problem when re-deploying a Web application

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I've just installed and configured the sneak preview release of WAS 6.3. After creating an example application in the Dev Studio, and then using the SDM to deploy it (couldn't deploy via the Dev Studio because of a port/user problem), the application works fine.

However, if I re-deploy an updated version of the application, it says that the action can't be done because a current release has already been deployed. I've worked out that the keycounter in the EAR manifest is not being incremented properly after re-building the EAR in Dev Studio. I can get around this by manually editing the manifest but obviously this isn't ideal.

My question is, has anyone come across this problem? If so, is there a fix for it?


Nick Routledge

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Hi Nick,

I think the problem was already fixed in the sneak preview version but I am not sure. The problem is known and fixed in later releases for sure.

I personally don't have an installation of the sneak preview version available. However I am pretty sure that the problem was already adressed with this version. I assume that you did not find the right button to press. If the button is absend in your version of SDM I apologize. In this case the following description of the user interface might at least help you when you will receive a newer version of the WAS 6.30.

Here is the description:

SDM has three different version handling strategies implemented. SDM also offers three different usage chanels. In the sneak preview version not all usage channels had been equiped with all version handling options.

The version handling options are:

a) deploy newer versions only

b) deploy newer versions or identical versions only

c) deploy whatever the user decides to deploy

The usage channels are:

i) GUI

ii) command line

iii) Java API

The default version handling for i) and ii) is a). The default version handling for iii) is c). In the GUI the version handling can be switched between different modes on the deployment Panel. In the lower right panel there is another panel which is invisible by default and can be made visible by pressing the up-arrow right next to it. As I said this might not yet be availalbe in the sneak preview, but I think it is and offers options a) and b).

In later versions of WAS 6.30 all three version handling options are available with all three usage options.

   Kind regards,

     Thomas Brodkorb

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Ok no problem. Thanks for your help.



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Hi Nick,

this is a bug in the Sneak Preview edition and will be fixed for further releases.

Many greetings