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SDI OData Remote Source | SAP BW | Filter

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Hi experts,

Anyone here, who can give expertise how to set a filter in BW data flows that are beginning with a BW DataSource, based on HANA SDI OData Remote Source?

I have a short OData request example comming from Success Factors APIs$filter=effectiveLatestChange+eq+'Y'&fromDate=1900-01-01&toDate=9999-12-31<br>

There is no problem defining some parameters in the remote source definition using section extra connection parameters. This will work fine with "fromDate" and "toDate".

But the filter condition with parameter "filter" will not work there. I would expect, that I can set it within the BW environment, maybe in the DataSource or DTP configuration, but there is no general place to put it in (only for real-time replication DataSources). Therefore, does anyone know, how to handle this there?

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This might be the functionality you need. With newer version of OData adapter, you can specify data provisioning parameters such as fromDate or toDate