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Scripting Tracker - SAP Window not found


Hello, I've used the Scripting Tracker for many years and very much appreciate the tool and it's capabilities.  I figured out today that I'm using a super old version (2.30), but it still works great, with the exception of an issue I ran into today that I've never seen before.  I click on the "Scan scripting objects of all sessions (Alt+S)" button and it's not finding the window I'm working in at the moment.  I've got many SAP systems and it works on most, but I've only run into this for the first time today.  Is this something anyone else has seen before?  Thanks, in advance!

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Hello @BPatterson,

have you checked whether all the prerequisites for running SAP GUI Scripting are met?
Does the SAP GUI Scripting Recorder from your SAP GUI for Windows work?

Best regards

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Hi @stefan_schnell,

Before I submitted my question to the community, I verified that all GUI settings are setup for scripting to function in that specific SAP system.  I actually did a side-by-side comparison with another system that the tracker works in and all settings are identical.  Thanks for the verification check.