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Script won't run on server - 'SAP.Functions' error

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Hi folks,

We have a vbscript that connects to one of our SAP system, returns data and places it in a text file.

The script runs fine on our local machines but we cannot get it to run on our Windows server. The error message returned is:

"ActiveX components can't create object: 'SAP.Functions'

We have SAP GUI installed on the server but the error still remains.

Any ideas why it won't run on a server environment?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Patrick,

welcome to Scripting Languages forum.

How do you start your VBScript? If you start it via double click from the explorer, you start a 64-bit WScript environment and this can't use a 32-bit library.

So open a 32-bit console e.g.


and start from this console a 32-bit Windows Scripting Host with your script

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\WScript.exe C:\MyPath\MyScript.vbs

Now you are really sure that you use a 32-bit environment and, I hope, your script works now as you expected.

Let us know your results.



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Hi Stefan.

Your solution worked.

Thank you for your help on this

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