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script errors

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Hi Experts,

We had installed Adobe Document server recently.

while trying to open the ess - expense detail form through PDF we are gettng following error in sequence

Intenet Explorer Script error

1. 'sapUrDomainRelaxing' is undefined

2. object expected

3. 'ssr' undefined

then we are getting blank page .

but if are changing the mode and open the expense detail through HTML then everything is ok.

we had checked the following

1) namespace defnition

2) services active in transaction SICF

3) there is no problem with the installation of Adobe server.

any ideas would be welcomed

ofcourse points will be awarded

Expecting urs valuable reply



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Such Javascript errors are most probably not a problem caused by server-side code. Please verify that the server has been setup correctly (no version mismatches). Also enable script debugging in the browser and check for the first Javascript error that occurs. The other ones might be consequences of that.


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thanks for your immediate reply

This is the first error we r getting in the browser

'sapUrDomainRelaxing' is undefined

on pressing the tab ok from the java script pop up menu we r getting the other errors in sequence.

i had gone through previous thread and most of the threads either un answered or they talk about namespace defnition.

i will get back to you on monday as i dont have access to server presently.

Thanks in advance



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i had confirmed regarding version conflict too.

there is no version conflict too.

any suggestion would be helpful for us



Any update guys

ur time will be appreciated in SDN way

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