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Script error: wdp_edit_on is Null, URL: ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff_webOC

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I like to train myself in ABAP webdynpro, so I have installed NW 7.02 SP6 EhP2 on a virtual machine (VMware) with Win2008R2.

I have applied with SICF all services as mentioned in OSS note 1088717 describing a list of /default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/... etc.. as well as some services specificly around view designer.

Furthermore, the file "hosts" is set as follows: PALATINVIRT1 PALATINVIRT1

whereas PALATINVIRT1 is the name of my host installed with Win2008R2 and NW 7.02..

Finally, ping tests are successfully for:


All of them are replying with

Instance parameter icm/host_name_full is set to "" (checked via transaction RZ10).

If I launch SE80, select "Web dynpro components" in order to check my view , I can open the view and click on tab "Layout" but I'm not able to see the generated HTML page as well as I don't see any UI element toolbar if I'm switching in edit mode. Instead, I will get a script error "The value of property " wdp_edit_on" is Null" and then "URL: res://iframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff_web_OC.htm".

If I check some activated services, especially the tutorial webdynpro applications (I have activated them in SICF), I will get a typical error "Web page cannot be displayed". So, it looks like a generic error I have.

Does anyone know which setting I have to check?

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Hi Stephen,

Not sure what exactly the issue is but i would suggest you update to the latest available basis support pack.



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Hello Ravi,

thanks for you suggestion. My only problem is that the NW 7.02 version is the trial NW 7.02 version delivered here in SDN.

How can I get any support packages? Isn't it that I need to be a customer of SAP in order to download such SPs from



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Hello to All,

I have found the reason for the error: resolution of my URL was not possible.

If you get such errors, this does not have anything to do with service pack updates or so or ICF services.

If you are driving a scenario virtual machine VMware with NW02 installed as well as SAPGUI installed on your physical PC (host PC) and you have no DNS server running on your host, then you have to define a mapping of your VM IP address to the FQDN.

I also have installed the Microsoft Loopback adapter, assigned to IP address on my VM.

In my case, is the FQDN.

Therefore, on VM the file HOSTS in directory c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc should contain:      palatinvirt1

This will enable each kind of requests via WAS.

On your host PC, it is also required to define a correct mapping for the address, otherwise your host does not know where to look at.

So, modify on your host PC the file HOSTS in directory c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc:

This solved my problem.

I also recommend to fix the IP address on your VM and not to use DHCP service on top, otherwise you are risking of getting different IP addresses next time you are starting new your VM.