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Screen Personas 3 - Selecting a tab via scripting fails (control not found)

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I'm facing the following (from my point of view "simple") problem: I've a screen containing a GuiTabStrip and I want to go to a different tab via script and then proceed with executing some functionality on this tab also via script. Well, I thought this would be a simple issue. So I recorded the following very simple script:


with wnd[0]/usr/... pointing to the respective tab.

But when executing the script, I get the following error:

Error during script execution:Error: RestGui Batch Request Error: Step 0 ({"post":"action/4/wnd[0]/usr/..."}) failed: -102 [control not found]

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

I've checked the Id of the tab via the inspector - it's ok.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Stefan,

I believe below note is relevant for your scenario:

2214113 - RESTGUI: Override rules are not applied to TabStrip SelectedTab property