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scoped roles vs self-assignment

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Since my datasphere instance has been converted to scoped roles, I'm no more able to assign myself to a space I have just created while it was possible in the past.

is it expected ? Is there any workaround other than asking an other user to make the assignment ?

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Hello mickael.cocquerel,

Yes, this is expected.
Since this is a different concept which relies on roles rather than space assignment, even Admin User is NOT possible to self-assign as Space member, see:
Assign Users to a Role


You cannot assign yourself to a scoped role.

and also Create a Scoped Role to Assign Privileges to Users in Spaces:


You cannot assign yourself to a scoped role. For this reason, if your own user is included in the scoped role, your user is not automatically assigned to the spaces you've added in the scoped role.

I'm not aware of any workaround as this is the intended behavior.


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Do you know if this is on the roadmap of Datasphere to enable a Global Admin to self-assign to Scopes?

I was not able to find it myself.


Thank you for your help