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Scheduling reports issue

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We have never used scheduling reports in our BOE Environment.

When I tried to schedule report , I get this error - SSO failed because session cannot be verified : Single Sign-On failed because the associated session can not be verified. Try to log on to Business Objects Enterprise again. (FWB 00021)

Why does this happen? What should my next steps be?

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Is the Relational Connection's Authentication Mode set to "Use single sign-on when refreshing reports at view time" or "use specified username and password"? (Note you cannot use SSO for scheduling reports for SQL Server)

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That is somewhat true. However, if you have a network service account that's running the SIA and that account has access Windows AD access to the SQL Server database, the reports will connect to the DB. When you schedule reports, they run in the context of the service account that's running the SIA.


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Hi James,

Does the attached mean that it is configured to use SSO?



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There is nothing attached. Basically, you should not use "Use single sign-on when refreshing reports at view time" most of the time. You should most of the time use the method described by Dell.