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Scheduling of Broadcast Setting using Program

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Given Scenario is :

I have few broadcast setting on a Query. All settings are scheduled to be executed with the option " data change in infoprovider".. i.e. each time the DSO gets activated the settings would get triggered.

I have 4 process chains.

Each process chain has the Broadcaster event associated with it.

So every time the process chain runs it triggers ALL the mailers as all the settings are scheduled to run with activation of DSO.

Requirement is :

A particular no of setting should get triggered by a specific process chain. Meaning i should be able to trigger specific settings with specific process chains instead of all settings at one go.


1. Is it possible ? if possible how?

2. Is there a program that runs at the background when the broadcast settings get triggered?

If yes, what is the program name?

3. Can we create variants of this program based on filter navigation settings and the trigger the mailers by scheduling this program variants.

Your valuable inputs will be appreciated.

Please suggest something.

Thanks & Regards

Jaya Das

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try including the following program as an ABAP Program in your Process Chain:


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Check in the following SDN link, here you have PDF, I hope it will help for you