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Scheduling Error For Web Intelligence Reports

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Dear Experts,

I want schedule BO XI R3.1 SP 3 Web Intelligence reports.

For this i want to give Adaptive job server :destination details.

Can you suggest what i need to enter for below details?

1)Host ?


3)Domain Name?

For Host can i give BO CMC name or can i give BO Server IP Address or suggest me right one?

For Port can i give CCM -->Adaptive job server PID value or CMS Port or SIA Port or Suggest me right one?

For Domain name what i need to enter?

The errors i am getting as shown below while scheduling with different ways as i mentioned above..

Error Message: server error. []: [CrystalEnterprise.Smtp]

Remote Instance in Federated Cluster: No

Error Message: server error. [Error initializing SMTP server. Return code: [TCP send failed.]. Reason: [Port address].] [CrystalEnterprise.Smtp]

Reply will be appreciated



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Looks like you're trying to enable email destination for scheduling webi reports.

So you need to provide host, port and domain name of your SMPT server (email server) not of the BOE servers....

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Thanks a lot Konovolav,

Can you tell how can i find SMPT server details to fill host, port and domain name for email scheduling?

I can able to connect to Internet in my BO server.

Can you tell me the path to find above details?

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you will need to get that information from your Email Administrators/IT admins.

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