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Scheduling a Real time Job?

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Hi ,

I have this real time job which picks up XMLs from the IBM Mq (using JMS Adapters).

The real time job has a XML Message Source as Input. The job runs 24x7 picking up XMLs whenever they arrive in the MQ Queues.

As it turns out there are occasions where I need to manually run the Job. What I do is I put around 100 XMLs with a pattern in the Input Test file location.

For eg - I create 100 XMLs like ABC1.xml , ABC2.xml , ABC3.xml and so on and in the file location I give ABC* as pattern and it picks it up.

I have 2 questions

1)Is it possible to schedule a Real time job

2)If Yes , then would I be able to pass the above pattern of file names (as an argument ?)



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you schedule a batch job, not a real time job, a real time job (service will be running all the time waiting for requests). If you don't want to process the message by sending them from JMS Adapter, then you can still invoke the same real time service by exposing it as webService and send the XML message via a webservice client to the real time service or you can use the message client Interface shipped with DS (Check documentation for how to do that)

or create a batch job for to do the same processing and schedule that batch job