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Hi, i would like to implement a new SchedulerTask in the portal. This task should be called from the KM Scheduler and should be maintained using the configuration menu.

Has anyone did this before?

I looked around in the SDN but could not find any helpfull manuals, articles or examples.

The environment i am working with is

EP6 SP2 Patch 27

Can anyone help?


Edmund Geesken

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Edmund,

did you read ?!

There at least I have described how to use KM wizards in Eclipse for creating a scheduler task on EP6 (SP2 for example).

Hope it helps


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Hi, i have read your post and i am working with the KM Wizard. My new scheduler task is displayed in the KM configuration. I can assign time entries but the service is never startet. I think there is missing something but i can not find out what is missing.

I deployed my class file, implementing the ISchedulerTask interface and the file in the directory src.config>local>meta>expanded>cm>services>schedulertasks.

<ConfigClass name="MySchedulerTask" extends="SchedulerTask">
  <attribute name="class" 
  <attribute name="group" type="string" default=""/>

Any idea?



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Hi Edmund,

unfortunatelly i am not able to help u, but i need a help from u. I was also trying to make a new task but my new scheduler task is NOT displayed in km configuration. So could u please send me ur eclipse project(



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Hi Edmund, Hi Jiri,

there is an excellent weblog on this topic. Have a look at it.



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