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Scheduler task not getting executed

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I am trying to schedule a task using

I have written some code in the run( ) to update existing resource.

I have scheduled task for every 10 minutes and It is not getting executed at all.

I don't see any log pertaining to this task in default trace.

I have tested the code written in run( ) by placing in AbstractPortalComponent and it is working fine there.

I am able to see that this task is running Sys Admin -> Monitoring -> KM ->Component Monitor.

When I get the target URL from the properties of this task in Component Monitor and place that in another window I get the message


Method not implemented

Could some one please guide me to achieve scheduling of task.


Nagaraju Donikena

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Hi Nagaraju,

navigate to: System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management -> Global Services -> Scheduler Tasks -> pick your SchedulerTask (identify by given name), point it to a CM system and fill the timetable with appropriate values for scheduling.

Without these settings it will do nothing...

I suggest Debugging the Scheduler with NWDS, this might take some time but setting the Scheduler to executing every 5 minutes will make it easiert.



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Hi Christian,

I have scheduled the job and I have selected CM systems at that time.

Can we debug the scheduler?Please let me know how to do it or providing any document which helps me in setting up debugging would be helpful.


Nagaraju Donikena