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Scheduled webi report error in dashboard

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Hi ,

we are using SAP BW as backend and Dashboard is created using Live ofive connectivity with latest instance of scheduled report which is scheduled every morning.

But some of the reports scheduled is failing and throwing this error as

A database error occured. The database error text is: (CS) "Fail to create an instance of Job" . (WIS 10901)

This is occurring many times

Because of this while opening dashboard it throws error

The current refresh option requires a report instance that does not exist. (LO 26301)


Gaurav Mang

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Answers (2)

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Hi Gaurav,

How many Webi reports do you have? Do they all use the same data source? How big are the reports - 100 rows? 100,000 rows? How long does each take to run?

They may be failing if the server is running out of memory. Or is it the same Webi reports failing to schedule? In which case obviously there's a problem with those reports.

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Hi Gaurav,

Error WIS 10901 is related to connection error. Check is the connection is working properly, then try to refresh the report manually if it works then schedule it.