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Scheduled Job not running properly

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Hello Friends,

I have a webservice that sends the mail to 24 or above users at a single go . This functionality I need to schedule . So I designed the job for same purpose , now the problem is that the webservice is running absolutely fine but once the job is scheduled and run , the mails are not send . I tried to send a single mail also with the help of scheduler API and was succefull in doing that but If the webservice needs to send more than one mail , this does not happen through the Scheduler API

I also had encountered problem while runnign the webservice earlier. I was getting the Read timed out error during execution of webservice For its solution I increased the time out period of the webservice mannually ( from the left panel , the time out period can be increased in WebService Navigator ) and the problem got solved , this you cant do once you have scheduled the job so one of the reson may this time out expiration also .

So can any one help me out with the way to increase the time out period for the webservice not mannually rather in a more stabel and permanent way

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refer this link for example of scheduler api

let me know am i correct or not


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hello ,

I have already been through this link and have successfully scheduled a job for sending a single mail at a time but here i am not able to send multiple mails through a single job and that is the main problem.