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Scheduled backup failing in DB2 for more than one instance through Semantec net backup.

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Hi Experts,

We are installed three instances in one server(ERP DEV, CRM DEV, BI DEV), It is created separate software and database for each instance.

It is taken as one default instance while SAP installation (CRM DEV) and now when we are scheduled the backup through Semantec Net backup tool it's happening backup for only Default instance (CRM DEV) only and it's failing for the remaining instances (ERP DEV, BI DEV).

Even if we need to take backup at database level we have to login as each SIDADM user, So is there any way to take backup for all these instances under single user which is Administrator.


Narasimhan Krishna

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Hi Narasimhan,

You may also look into option of taking offline drive backups using Semantec Net backup tool.

As these are development systems you can shutdown these systems over the weekend and perform full system backup including database using Semantec Net backup tool .

This method can be triggered using windows Administrator or Semantec Net backup Adminstrator user.

Hope this helps.


Deepak Kori

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Hello Krishna,

You may try follows:

o Create a user on OS level

o Put this user belongs to OS groups: db<dbsid>mnt

   * Suppose you have 3 different 'dbsid'.

Kind regards