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Scenario: SOAP message with attached .zip file to FTP ?

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Hi all,

I've searched SDN etc but got no good hints to my problem.

My scenario is tht we are receiving an XML message via SOAP adapter and this is a MIME multipart message so it carries also a attached zip-file.

The XML and the attached zip-file should then be saved over FTP.

It enters IS correctly and I can see that I have the attachment and it goes to AE. I can see payload and attachment in the statusreport on receiver cc.

The FTP adapter saves the payload XML correctly but the attachment is not saved anywhere.

I have not configured any modules, BIC etc in the FTP adapter and I need some input on how to set this up tp put both files on FTP server.

In the future the FILE adapter will be used and then I wounder if I will get the same problem there?

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Answers (2)

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this is in this case not recommended because I want to run a system command after the file (files) has been written down to disc and copy the XML file to an other directory. It will then be picked up and reprocessed in a BPM. This action should not be performed until the complete attachment is saved on file.

I was thinking if a module programming is needed or if there is some other way around this...

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I dont think there is a direct way of doing this. I can suggest you a method. In the directory receiver determination use 2 receivers with no condition. You message will get split in to two now. Create the interface determinations and receiver agreements. Complete one of them normally. It will sav the xml t FTP. For the other one, in the adapter use the payloadswapbean. It will swap the attachement to payload. THis one would save your zip on the ftp server.

Hope its clear..!!