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SCC9 client copy with different repositories

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I am going to do client copy from ERP production to development (to new created client) having different repositories.

There is expert setting 'Ignore RFC Repository Check' which enable to make system copy in such case I believe.

In my environment I have some tables existing in development and not on production.

For test run of SCC9 I have following messages is in log:

'Table /OTX/PF11_... only exists locally

Table /OTX/PF11_... is deleted, not copied'

Please let me know what SCC9 will do:

- delete table definition and content from development system?


- delete content for destination client on development (so left content for other clients) ?

Additionally there are messages:

/OPT/WT_3S_BUKRM Table not convertible


/OPT/WT_3S_SUPPL Table has incompatible fields

Please let me know what will be SCC9 behaviour in those two cases.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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Answers (2)

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Thank you Vinita.

Your answer make it more clear.

But still would like to know what happens in two cases:

- Table not convertible

- Table has incompatible fields

kind regards,


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HI Michal

Please note in general you should have 3 clients

Dev , Q and Production

Now when you copy production you always do on your Q client and not Dev

  1. Profiles that contain application data (SAP_ALL, SAP_APPL, SAP_APPX)
  2. Profiles that contain Customizing data but no application data (SAP_CUST, SAP_CUSV, SAP_CUSX, SAP_UCSV, SAP_UCUS)
  3. Profiles that contain only user and/or authorization data

"If you select a profile that copies application data or Customizing data, the target client will be deleted as a first step in the client copy. This ensures that inconsistencies caused by old data are avoided."

Refer this link here

Let me know if that helped to answer?