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SCC4 monitoring via SAP Cloud ALM

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We have a requirement for setting up the alert for managed system Client Open & Close (SCC4) change settings.

Could you please guide to setup this requirement.


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SAP Cloud ALM does not offer the capability to monitor a single Transaction code (such as SCC4) for all activity.

SAP Cloud ALM offers a series of use-cases with different monitoring capabilities.
The closest approximations to your desire are the Configuration & Security Analysis use case and the Real User Monitoring use case.
In the Configuration & Security Analysis application you can display the configuration items of the technical configuration using Store Browser. 
The "Changes" view can be used to evaluate alterations to items in time frames. 
The "Administration" view provides information about the managed systems and their status in CSA.
Configuration & Security Analysis does not offer alerting or e-mail notification functionality. 

The Real User Monitoring use case allows the monitoring of Dialog back-end processes.
I lack deep knowledge of the SCC4 Transaction code.
But if it triggers a dialog process then it may be possible to monitor it using the Real User Monitoring app.
Real User Monitoring does offer alerting and e-mail notification functionality. 
But it can only be triggered for very specific circumstances (usually errors).

A combination of using the apps directly and leveraging the available alert and notification functionality may help you to reach an approximation of the monitoring that you desire. 

If you feel that SAP Cloud ALM is not currently meeting your monitoring needs, please refer to the SAP Customer Influence programs for SAP Cloud ALM:
3391676 - SAP Continuous Influence for SAP Cloud ALM

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