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Save_View button ... add to query view selection

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Hi there

As part of the Advanced Analysis screen, there is a button there "Save View".

If we run one of the sample templates, click on Advanced Analysis, then the "Save View" button, the view gets added to the query view selection drop down, and a delete button appears as well.

What do I need to do in my template, in order to get this functionality to work?

I can successfully call the Advanced Analysis screen, and clicking on the Save View button doesn't return any errors, but it doesn't update the dropdown either.

Are there settings that need to be made on the dropdown?

Does it need to conform to a naming standard?

Should I be trying to modify 0Analyzer template, and if so, what are all the steps involved there?

Lots of questions ... hopefully some useful answers.



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For anybody that is interested, I changed the way the Advanced Analysis screen is called up.

If I use the function SAPBCTAdvancedAnalysis(), then the Save View button doesn't refresh my query view selection drop down.

If I use the function SAPBWW(), then the same Advanced Analysis screen is called up, and pressing the Save View button updates my drop down accordingly.

Seems strange, that the same / similar screen is being called up, but I'm not complaining if it works.

This hasn't been tested thoroughly, but works for now.