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Save the data on a page divided in frames.

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Hi Everyone!

I am working with bsp application and have got stuck at a point....

i have divided my one page in three fragments....


contains 2 frames

header(contains header data and buttons )

body....(body data).

Now i need to save the whole page whenever the data is being changed anywhere in the page in any fragment on clicking SAVE button.

How can i achieve this ......

If i don't use Frames i tried with overflow container also but still the header also gets scrolled with the body...

How to achieve this...suggest some functionality to do this....asap...

Thanx in advance.


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Answers (1)

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Hi Richa,

Can you post the layout code .

It will help us understand the issue more clearly.



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Hi the layout_fragment.htm page is ....

<frameset rows="20%,80%">
<frame src= "layout2.htm ">
<frame src= "layout1.htm ">


layout 2 is....

<htmlb:content design="DESIGN2002+DESIGN2003"
  <htmlb:page title = "<%= otr(PAOC_HAP_DOCUMENT_UI/TITLE_DOCUMENT) %>"
    <htmlb:form id="Document" method = "POST">
      <xhtmlb:protectDoubleSubmit />

<%@include file="document_header.htm" %>
<%@include file="document_buttons.htm" %>
<%if fl_flag = 1.%>
<bsp:call url="">

and then the layout 1 is :......

<%@page language="abap" %>
<%@extension name="bsp" prefix="bsp" %>
<%@extension name="htmlb" prefix="htmlb" %>
<%@extension name="xhtmlb" prefix="xhtmlb" %>


* tables
  data: lt_values                 type hap_t_body_cell_val_values,
  lt_ranges                       type hap_t_body_cell_val_ranges,
  lt_c_like                       type hap_t_body_cell_val_c_like.
* workareas
  data: lw_header_part_appraisers type hap_s_header_part_appraisers.
  data: lw_body_elements          type hap_s_body_elements,
  lw_body_columns                 type hap_s_body_columns,
  lw_body_cells                   type hap_s_body_cells,
  lw_body_element_buttons         type hap_s_body_element_buttons,
  lw_values                       type hap_s_body_cell_val_values,
  lw_ranges                       type hap_s_body_cell_val_ranges,
  lw_c_like                       type hap_s_body_cell_val_c_like,
  ls_base_cell                    type hap_s_base_cell.
*-- Data definition
  l_disabled                      type string,
  l_enabled                       type string,
  l_mandatory                     type string,
  l_showhelp                      type string,
  l_subrc                         type sysubrc,
  l_tabix                         type sytabix,
  l_tabix_row                     type i,
  l_tabix_col                     type i,
  l_width                         type char10,
  l_colspan                       type char10,
  l_design                        type char10,
  l_color                         type char10,
  l_input                         type char1,
  l_required                      type char10,
  l_checked                       type char10,
  l_selection                     type char20,
  l_no_of_rows                    type i,
  l_no_of_columns                 type i,
  l_text                          type string,
  l_note_display                  type string,
  l_note_change                   type string,
  l_note_draft                    type string,
  l_line_size                     type i,
  l_id_cell                       type char40,
  l_id_element_name               type char40,
  l_id_button                     type char40,
  l_id_value                      type char40,
  l_id_info                       type char40,
  l_id_note_display               type char40,
  l_id_note_change                type char40,
  l_fwgt_value                    type char40.

<htmlb:content design="DESIGN2002+DESIGN2003"
  <htmlb:page title = "<%= otr(PAOC_HAP_DOCUMENT_UI/TITLE_DOCUMENT) %>"
    <htmlb:form id="Document" method = "POST">
      <xhtmlb:protectDoubleSubmit />
        if  application->doc-s_doc_processing-dynamic_template is initial
        or application->doc-s_header_status-ap_status <> cl_bsp_hap_document_cs=>c_status_in_preparation.
      <bsp:call url="">
      <% endif.  "dynamic template in status 'In Preparation' %>


the page fragments in body.htm,header.htm and buttons.htm is same as the fragments of hap_document i am doing the changes in the hap_document's copy only.

the problem actually is that i want that when i save the page the whole page should get saved not just the frame in which the buttons are......

hope now the senario is clear......i hope u can suggest some solution of this....