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Save Planning Buffer Disabled - BW - IP / PAK

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Hello All,

I am experiencing a scenario like this.

When I execute a planning function manually via RSPLAN on in-memory, I get the application log saying "New records generated". But, I am unable to save the data to the planning cube as the button "Save Planning Buffer" is disabled/greyed out.

Kindly help with some insights.


Vinoth V

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Hey Colleagues,

it is good to put a break-point within class CL_FCOM_IP_IPROV_WRITABLE and the method IF_RSDRV_RPROV_WRITABLE~WRITE_DATA. Some of the messages produced there doesn't reach the frontend.

Additionally you have to carefully check weather you really meet all the criteria for posting into COEJ etc. For testing purposes I would start with only one costelement and one period etc and widden the range step-by-step.

Good luck,