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Save data from REST API Response

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I'm trying to save the "localId" from a REST API response. I'm currenty using http-request component which i downloaded from the marketplace. Is there any way, by which i can bind the parameter from the json response to a app variable?

I know this could be done with a data resource. But I'm guessing there is a method by which a specific key from the json response can be stored inside an app variable

Any help is highly appreciated!

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In the HTTP request flow function, you can get the response parsed as an object, and then select the field you want to save.

For example, I have this API, and I want to store totalSize in a page variable:

And I have this logic, with HTTP Request going to Set page variable, and then just displaying the page variable:

So in the Set page variable I set my page variable to this formula:


  • The formula is red because AppGyver doesn't know from my response object because I haven't defined a schema.
  • I can't even first try to select the Output type binding and select the resBodyParsed property since this is an object and my variable is a string, AppGyver will not offer it to me.